Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Of all the so-called “hot-button topics” in the Blockchain space, though, there are three that stand out for their ability to fundamentally reshape this space over the next year – well, at least the next few months, anyway.

As a child, few can claim to have escaped essay writing on an all-too-familiar topic: “technology: a bane or a boon?” I always tried to wriggle my way out of this cliché task, my head bubbling with tales of adventure and heroism.

Blockchain could make the construction sector more efficient and transparent for all the players involved in a project, but the cost of implementation is still too high for many firms

A year ago, pivoting to the blockchain was all the rage. If you were a company in dire straits, all you had to do was gin up a press release explaining that you were investing in bitcoin’s underlying technology and then–voila–you had a new business model.

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