Tuesday, 04 August 2020

This article is originally published by EXENIUM team on 20th of January at medium.com.  "WE" and everything else below is reffered to EXENIUM , their project and team.
EXENIUM team issued the following bounty campaign instructions in this statement:

Real estate deals on a blockchain are becoming real.
The startup Propy recently sold an apartment in the Ukraine through its blockchain, and in the last week of December it began letting Californians buy and sell properties on its blockchain using bitcoin. They will be able to use U.S. dollars next year.

A highly profitable, global cryptocurrency ecosystem that doesn’t rely on banks or financial institutions. PagareX puts you at the centre of the currency and allows you to invest in it in multiple different ways. Financially independent is what we want you to be with PagareX. ICO - 17.01.2018 (Hard cap 7,000,000)

There are a lot of exciting projects in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency to take note of. Descrow is one of those concepts which will certainly be of interest to a lot of people.

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