Thursday, 27 June 2019

Player Tokens, In Partnership With The MLB Players Association, Launches Innovative Crypto-Collectibles

Seattle-Based Start-Up Unveils Game-Changing Player Collectible for New Economy

Player Tokens, in exclusive partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), today unveiled a brand-new crypto-collectible service featuring 73 All-Stars and players from all 30 Major League baseball teams. At launch, there are three types of token packs available for purchase, each consisting of five to six Player Tokens priced between $5.99-$8.49. Fans worldwide can purchase tokens exclusively through the Player Tokens web and mobile sites.

Player Tokens marks the next step in the evolution of collectibles, leveraging the best of the physical, digital, and crypto worlds. Like physical collectibles, packs can be purchased with a credit card making Player Tokens the first company to offer crypto-collectibles without the need for a crypto wallet or any knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Similar to other crypto-collectibles, fans can prove ownership and authenticity around the finite amount of tokens created. The digital nature of Player Tokens also enables fans to take their tokens with them, allowing for unique experiences in stadiums and access to token-driven games.

"At Player Tokens, we are re-imagining the collectible experience for collectors, fans and athletes by leveraging the latest technologies to provide experiences that were previously not possible," said Kush Parikh, founder and CEO of Player Tokens. "Our intent is to deliver a simple, fun collectible, accessible to all fans and collectors globally, whether crypto veterans or novices. As we build out the Player Tokens platform, you'll see an ever-expanding way that fans and collectors can utilize their tokens, including engagement with their favorite players."

Every Player Token possesses a unique ID that can be tied back to the blockchain, proving the authenticity of every asset. While the core value of the token is in the artwork that features images of Major League Players, the tokens are multidimensional. Each one also includes an individual history, consisting of its mint date and previous ownership. As more fan experiences are unveiled, the token will continue to memorialize those events.

"Baseball has a strong track record of being pioneers and innovators, especially in the collectibles industry," said Evan Kaplan, Director of Licensing and Business Development, MLBPA. "We believe Player Tokens is taking a great step forward, modernizing the fan and collector experience while paying homage to the rich history of baseball collectibles. We look forward to fans, collectors, and players engaging in new ways through Player Tokens."

Fans in all major international baseball markets can begin purchasing Player Tokens immediately through the Player Tokens web and mobile sites.

SOURCE Player Tokens
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