Sunday, 05 July 2020

Modern Finance Chain - replacement for Visa and Mastercard services

MF Chain offers a solution that first solves for a great number of issues in commerce, by leveraging merchant payment integration to unite users, merchants and innovators MF Chain is building a complete, open source blockchain platform.
MF Chain's singular goal said simply: help drive cryptocurrency adoption to main street and build a platform with community first as its primary motive.

Modern Finance Chain is pleased to announce the release of the MF Chain Payment Solution MVP (Minimum Valuable Product). Hosted on the MF Chain Github, a downloadable APK for Android can be found here:

The design is simple, sleek and intuitive to use. Ensuring ease of integration and merchant adoption was top of mind for the MF Chain development team. Once merchants create and have their account verified, their ability to process payments and begin earning 1% crypto-back is ready for use.

Designed specifically to not force users to a proprietary wallet, the payment solution integrates supported cryptocurrency wallets via API. This clever feature provides the merchant with the freedom of choice and power to choose how and where to send their cryptocurrency.

Taking payments is just as simple. Once the final amount to be paid is determined, merchants simply enter in the total amount (after any applicable taxes), the MF Chain app converts the cash amount entered into the correlating amount in all cryptocurrencies supported. By simply selecting the crypto the consumer wishes to use, a QR code is displayed for consumers to scan and complete the payment process. Easy.

To ensure proper conversion of cash to cryptocurrency, MF Chain has integrated a combination of exchange and aggregator APIs. Updated by the minute, this protects the merchant and consumer in this transaction. To further help mitigate price volatility, merchants can select to have cryptocurrency converted to cash. This also results in the merchant receiving cash in their bank account faster versus the traditional credit card payments that places up to a 3-day hold, simply to process the payment.

Freedom. Choice. Rewards. MF Chain's MVP proves crypto as a form of payment is not only rewarding, it solves complexities in traditional commerce.

Modern Finance Chain
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