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The most avanguard crypto product - EXENIUM bot exchange

CREAM CRYPTO NEWS did few articles introducing the team  who build one of the most avanguard crypto product, EXENIUM bot exchange. 

We met  EXENIUM team at their stand at  Slovenia blockchain convention, and our conclusion was that this is the most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange! 

EXENIUM, user friendly exchange implemented in to your messenger. The CEO Mike Zevakin, did quick impressive  presentation on Telegram , by adding CREAMcoin

(CRM/XNT) on the exchange by pulling  CREAM price info from 

Introducing EXENIUM Exchange

EXENIUM is a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange implemented as a chatbot for Telegram and other popular messengers. It has all the features of traditional exchanges, such as wallets, fiat and cryptocurrency funding, KYC verification and others, wrapped in a quick and intuitive interface. It uses powerful servers to ensure stability, handling up to 10,000 simultaneous order submissions.

Exenium’s own token, XNT, can be used to pay for all the services available on the exchange, including commission, listing and trader status fees, as well as being one of the base currencies for all crypto assets and currencies listed. When paying for services with XNT, 5% of its exchange rate value is added as a discount!

One important advantage of Exenium exchange, is that the process of listing new tokens is straightforward and affordable, and in the case of tokens and coins based on the most popular platforms, it’s also very quick!

Trading wherever you are with Exenium

The life of a professional trader is not for everyone. It takes a tremendous emotional toll due to the changing fortunes of the market, and it requires the ability to stay calm in stressful situations.

Being a trader is not as glamorous as one may think. It’s a full-time job, perhaps even more so than the usual 9–5 office gig. Sure, you get to stay at home, but that gets old fast and you never really have free time.

The average day when trading for a living consists of sitting in front of a computer screen, watching charts and planning the next move.

What if you wanted to get out on the beach, or travel around the world, without having to bring a laptop wherever you go?

The choice right now is quite limited. Crypto exchange sites usually work terribly on smartphones, and few of them have official apps. Those that do, are usually too inadequate in their toolset or selection of coins.

Exenium provides the best solution for all trading needs.

The integration as a bot inside popular messengers makes it a multi-platform exchange right from the start. It can be used from a desktop, tablet or phone without sacrificing any of its functionality. The registration process is seamless: no need to create usernames or passwords, as it relies on the messenger accounts and their excellent security. If that were to fail, Exenium still requires a withdrawal password that is set during registration, and can only be changed by undergoing KYC verification once again.

Logging in is just as easy, and it really is just a few button clicks away: this accessibility is what distinguishes Exenium from most other exchanges. Placing an order can be done in 30 seconds, no matter where you are, what device or internet connection you have, as it uses at most a few kilobytes of data.

Exenium provides two options to trade: buy or sell instantly, for those unfamiliar with how exchanges work, and an advanced interface for experienced traders.

Exenium trading engine will feature all of the standard feature of a professional exchange: market, limit orders, stop-loss and other conditional orders, advanced APIs to connect your favorite market tracking tools, as well as a vast choice of coins with both fiat and crypto trading, eventually allowing margin positions as well.

There will be no need to compromise features for portability. Wherever you are going, you can always keep your portfolio in check and quickly react to the latest changes in the market.

The issues of trying to get listed in an exchange today

In 2017 we saw a meteoric rise of the market, reaching heights that nobody could have ever imagined at the start of the year. Hundreds if not thousands of new projects were born, billions of dollars were collected in crowdsales, the total market capitalization reached 800 billion up from less than 20 in January 2017.

The cryptocurrency exchanges saw a huge influx of new users and trading volume and many of them struggled to keep up with it, leading to poor performance and overloaded customer support.

As so many blockchain projects appeared promising innovative solutions to a variety of problems, there weren’t quite as many new exchanges being opened, on top of the fact that the existing ones were struggling.

Due to this relative lack of competition, today it is impossible for many projects to list tokens on reputable exchanges. The price tag starts from 10 BTC, more than $100 000, to as much as 200 BTC, or 2 million dollars.

Moreover, the process could last as much as 6 months even for tokens based on platforms such as Ethereum’s ERC-20, which require no special development for the integration.

Many smaller projects simply can’t afford such huge expenses, and as a result they miss out on most of the investments coming into the cryptocurrency market.

Exenium’s solution to this is simple: cheap and quick listing of new tokens.

Exenium exchange  has the lowest listing prices, starting from 0 up to 5 BTC, and once the decision is made, Exenium will list tokens based on the most popular platforms such as Ethereum, Bitshares, NEM in just a few hours.

Projects wishing to be listed on Exenium exchange simply need to send a form available on the site. The applications will be checked to make sure that the coins what are applying for  listing are all from legitimate projects.

Pairs with XNT will be offered for free, increasing the liquidity of XNT token and providing a way for projects to afford the paid listing with BTC, ETH, USD and other popular base currencies.

Exenium will be the best exchange to find undervalued gems, and for these projects to finally see the spotlight they deserve!

How Exenium will implement KYC

In today’s increasingly more regulated environment, all exchanges require its users to perform verification at some point. There are various tiers, placing different limits on how much crypto or fiat a user may withdraw at a time.

This verification is done to comply with KYC/AML (Know Your Client/Anti-Money Laundering) regulations.

Exenium will of course feature verification for its users, which will be required in order to withdraw any large amount of funds. The exact limit will be determined by the banking partners and regulators.

It will be performed through a separate bot, to which the user must send scans of all the required documents.

The documents required include valid personal identification documents like a passport or national ID, bank statement for proof of residence, as well as a picture of you holding a sign with the current date and a codeword.

The verification will then be performed by an operator in less than an hour. After 100000 submissions, we will introduce a self-learning AI that will perform the checks automatically, greatly speeding up the process.

The KYC verification process is an integral part of Exenium exchange. To withdraw funds, a special password set during registration needs to be used. Only verified users can change it, as the process requires a new verification. This makes it impossible for hackers and other malicious entities to steal your money.

The Exenium team is extending the token sale to April 15

This decision comes from the fact that, in the current environment, it is becoming harder to deliver information to the end user. ICO/ITO advertising bans in social media, and the large amount of other projects running their own ICOs, have compelled us to extend the token sale duration.

Current investors and users should not worry. This extension does not change Exenium plans. The exchange will be released in the second half of April, as planned.

Exenium team  encourages the  bounty participants to support the project in social media and other media platforms.

The ITO will continue as it was, directly on the Telegram Messenger (@exenium_bot).

Learn more about Exenium at our source:

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