Friday, 07 August 2020

Binance Joins Bitcoin, To Have Own Emoji On Twitter

- Twitter added Binance/BNB hashtag emoji ahead of its third anniversary

- BNB is the third cryptocurrency to have its own emoji after Bitcoin and's CRO tokens

- It was not disclosed whether Binance paid for the emoji

Binance Coin (BNB) becomes the third cryptocurrency to have its own brand emoji hashtag on Twitter after Bitcoin and’s CRO. The crypto community is speculating how much Binance has paid for the emoji, ahead of the company's upcoming third anniversary.

Anyone who tweets hashtags related to Binance and Binance Coin, such as #Binance or #BNB will see the Binance logo attached. The company is currently running a campaign to give incentives to users who will promote the largest cryptocurrency exchange on social media platforms.

The emoji sparked a slight increase in BNB’s price, up by 2.4%, according to news outlet Decrypt.

BNB is the third cryptocurrency to receive its own hashtag emoji on Twitter. The first one to receive it is Bitcoin, with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey tweeting about it. got the CRO Emoji this June.

Yet while it appears that Bitcoin as an emoji was added at no cost, it’s possible Binance and may have paid for their coins’ emojis to be added on the social media platform. According to The Block’s Director of Research Larry Cernak, any entity that committed more than $50,000 of Ad Spend on Twitter could usually get it. Binance did not disclose whether they did pay or not, but a spokesperson for the company confirmed they initiated the conversion to add the emoji.


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