Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Sovranocoin at the last phase of block reward reduction

In general, each cryptocurrency reward reduction should proceed a significant jump in the U.S. dollar price of every cryptocurency, especially in the case of bitcoin.

This phenomenon has helped fuel price increase because the halving is defined by a reduction in the pace of issuance of new bitcoin.

Sovranocoin team wanted SVR to be self-sustaining, so over time, getting SVR reward becomes more difficult and the rewards would be reduced to control the supply.
If you check Sovranocoin specifications and transaction explorer of it, the chain is above 600K block, at the final phase of generating fix rewards.
Sovranocoin protocol did automatically update to reduce the reward for proof of stake an masternodes, almost 25% less from the current phase.
So the rewards droped from 0.9 SVR to 0.7 SVR per block. In this moment, knowing the reward reduction facts and increased promotion and marketing activities of the team, will attract new potential investors and create higher interest and demand for SVR masternodes.

We believe that this last stage of reward reduction should have direct SVR price effect in the short term and huge price increase in long term.
Considering all the development, sealed deal with the diamond retailer Bitluxury and upcoming news lined up in SVR project pipeline, and that all this is happening closer to the bitcoin halving, the reward reduction will have significant positive impact on Sovranocoin project ecosystem.
source: sovranocoin.com

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