Sunday, 20 September 2020

Reddcoin (RDD) Launches Cryptocurrencies Point-of-Sale App

Reddcoin (RDD) has officially launched a point-of-sale app on the Google Play Store to allow businesses across the globe accept cryptocurrencies as means of payments.

The app, uploaded few days back, was declared open for use today. It gives users the opportunity to accept payments through any popular cryptocurrencies.

The app, branded Reddcoin Point-of-Sale app was designed in partnership with PlusBit, a free mobile POS app on Android & iOS platforms.

PlusBit is not a wallet, but it is becoming one of the most needed payment terminal for merchants. At the moment, the PlusBit POS supports Reddcoin, Litecoin, DigiByte, Dash and some other digital currencies.

For the Reddcoin POS, there is no middle man between the sender and the receiver, in simple term, it processes payments almost immediately without holding any funds.

Merchants needs not worry, as the app does not bring in any form of third-party dealer, making them have control over their funds. The POS is available for those who have mobile devices with internet connection. The moment a customer pays, the payment is validate on the blockchain immediately and fund is sent to the merchant wallet on the go.

Users of the app can enter sales amount in their local currency and get it converted to an equal amount in Reddcoin (RDD). After doing so, a QR code is generated for customers to scan with their personal wallet.

Reddcoin is currently going through series of developments. Recently,  RDD  blockchain project rolled out a revision to its latest proof of stake velocity protocol (PoSV v2).

The development is tailored towards increasing the stability and security of the Reddcoin network.

As well, it is also geared towards strengthening the staking incentives and offering funding support to the project team. Reddcoin said it made the revision to repay the fan base of “ReddHeads” and increase the adoption of crypto, globally.

The founder of PlusBit, Fahim Altınordu, said the POS is for business, merchant adoption of cryptocurrency.

He said: “With plusbit we make the merchant expense zero. They don't need to buy hardware device, no other cost.”

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