Wednesday, 23 September 2020

First Crypto Algorithm Exchange Goes Live on 18th of November

After the crypto markets crashed in 2018 and slowly are recovering till today, new trading trend came on the crypto scene. Users start showing big interest in automated crypto trading bots and services.
Currently on the market there are many available with different performances, specifications and services. Distinguished from all of them, multi bot platform will be introduced at the 3rd edition of Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit 2019 by the Estonian company called Echoestrader.

Echoestrader is marketplace platform for bots, where clients can use the most sufficient current automated trading algorithms or can develop their own and place it on our platform, exchange it and monetize it. Startup that gives you all the tools, to automate your crypto trading strategy with multiple bots from a single customized dashboard.
The client can be regular crypto enthusiast who doesn't understand anything about trading, or crypto asset trader, or programmer, developer, software name it, Echoestrader is suitable for all their crypto trading appetites.

Lets explain how EchoesTrader works with two practical examples.

Sophie has a bitcoin in her Binance wallet and would like to trade crypto currencies but she has no knowledge or time available for it.
Sophie goes to Echoestrader website, consults in real time the performance of each crypto trading algorithm available on the exchange, chooses her favorite trading algorithm based on her investor profile, pays his membership and automatically the algorithm is installed and ready to operate Sofia bitcoin.

On other hand we have Peter..

Peter doesn't know how to monetize his programmer / trader skills so he goes to Echoestrader website and starts developing his own trading algorithm , chooses the monthly price he wants to charge for his trading algorithm and in just one click Pedro has his product ready for sale.
Now Pedro in less than two minutes monetized his trading skills and has a product for sale in the market and ready to use.

Basically with automated crypto trading bots you can earn money on your favorite exchange automatically with auto buy and sell your preferred cryptocurrencies. You can execute orders and trades, set bot-trading and stop-loss/profit positions. Your chosen bot services have multiple exchanges support, which allows your crypto trading bots to keep your asset trades going on the main exchanges. Using all different exchange APIs doesn’t require any maintenance. The Echotestrader client - developer handles exchange integration and any updates that require immediate attention.

In the meantime you will be able to monitor and receive advanced notifications and reporting the performance revenue. The performance of your bots in real time is available through automated notifications via WhatsApp, Telegram and e-mail services.

Affiliation services will be available to all users worldwide simply by using the referral link. Build your passive income to profit from you affiliate users for the lifetime as long as you affiliate renews his subscription you will be credited your monthly affiliate rate again.

Echoestrader is a platform to attract top performing talent. In order to asses top performance software talents in the bot development field, Echoestrader will be hosting crypto trader contest competition. All the participants can submit their bot for testing purposes and evaluation, and the winner will be announced at the end of the first phase on 1st of April.

As we said in the beginning, Echoestrader will be attending at Malta AI and Blockchain Summit , hosting a startup stand and be one of the main projects presented at the investors meeting.

So join Echoestrader platform, choose your favorite trading algorithm to trade in your behalf and make money while you sleep.


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