Friday, 07 August 2020

Killer App: Crypto-Powered Web Browser Brave Hits 20 Million

Brave, BATCrypto-powered web browser Brave hits another milestone. 

The Brave internet browser, which rewards users with cryptocurrency, has clocked up phenomenal growth. According to AppBrain, the Android app has now been downloaded 20 million times.

Brave aims to “fix the internet” by blocking ads and refusing to track user activity and location. The platform rewards users and content creators with a native cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token (BAT).

The growth comes amid growing backlash towards Google’s invasive privacy policies. Brave, and its crypto reward system could pose a threat to traditional web browsers like Chrome.


Could Brave be the “killer app” the cryptocurrency industry has longed for? The 20 million figure marks significant adoption for a blockchain product. It puts the app in the top 1% of all Android downloads.

Brave browser, which rewards users with cryptocurrency, hits 20 million downloads according to AppBrain. Source: AppBrain

Brave’s growth is one of crypto’s biggest success stories. The team raised $36 million in just 30 seconds when its ICO launched. And the download figure has doubled in six months when CCN reported the ten million milestone.


Although Brave isn’t a pure crypto offering, it’s yet another example of a mainstream product with built-in crypto features.

Last month, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S10 with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. HTC has launched a blockchain phone, and banking app Revolut has integrated a cryptocurrency exchange.

It’s a subtle shift in the way mainstream products embrace cryptocurrencies.


Brave claims to be up to eight times faster than Chrome or Safari due to the way it blocks advertising. Some websites have as many as 70 trackers which take advantage of your location and browsing behavior.

Not Rob Riggle | #ChillSquad
So I just installed and set up @Brave Browser. Listen here...if you like Chrome, but hate how much CPU it hogs up, get Brave. It's literally built on Chromium and operates JUST like Chrome, but uses WAY less CPU. Definite heads up for my fellow gamers and streamers.

Brave eliminates all that. Instead, it allows users to opt-in to adverts, rewarding them in BAT for doing so.

“Users who choose to see Brave Ads are presented with offers in the form of notifications as they browse the web, at a time that the browser finds appropriate and not disruptive. When users click to engage with these notifications, they’re presented with a full page ad in a private ad tab.”

Publishers also receive BAT when visitors use the Brave browser, and users are encouraged to tip publishers with BAT.


Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) growing steadily over the last month. 

While Bitcoin racks up more losses this week, Brave’s native cryptocurrency BAT is soaring. Up 30% since 25th February, it’s one of the few cryptocurrencies trading in positive territory.

BAT also hit headlines in late 2018 as Coinbase agreed to list the Ethereum-based token. Coinbase users can also access free BAT by taking part in the Coinbase Earn initiative. In exchange for watching informative videos about Brave, users are rewarded with a small amount of BAT.

There’s a wave of positive news and sentiment behind Brave and BAT. If Brave can double its downloads in a bear market, imagine what will happen the bull market returns.

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