Saturday, 19 September 2020

How can my Crypto currency portfolio ever recover if it is down 90%?

Don't sell! Once you sell, your 90% loss is permanent.

Instead, make sure all your remainder is in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has the best chance to grow 10x in 2–5 years, but most likely by Dec 2020 after the next block-halving in May 2020, if not before. Historically, previous block-halvings preceded a big rise in price. Not to mention the (virtually) last bitcoin will be mined in Dec 2020 cementing its scarcity. This will create a feeding frenzy and huge bull run!

Next, get a job and keep putting more money every month into Bitcoin, while learning how to spend less on life expenses.

Also, invest what you can into Cardano (ADA). It's possibly the most respected blockchain project in development, it's based on peer-reviewed science, and is currently few cents! It has a chance to become the dominant blockchain in 2–3 years, dethroning Ethereum.

If it does it'll easily reach a price of $6, a 100x increase, while Bitcoin will see a 10x rise within that time. Just those two alone can recover your portfolio.

And if you work hard and make money during that time, and buy more Bitcoin and Cardano, you'll probably see returns greater than what you've lost.

Finally, invest some into IOTA, as they have a chance to be the most scalable and completely decentralized project. Use Google and search for Marius Kramer's answers on Quora to understand why.

Don't give up!

By Carlos Augusto

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