Early-Bird Registration Now Open For The New Contactless Card From Wirex Available ANYWHERE In The World

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Q: Cryptocurrency-Powered Contactless Payment Cards?

Yes. The time has come to revolutionise the cryptocurrency cards market once again. We did it back in 2013 with the original e-Coin Bitcoin Debit Card. Today we are pleased to announce pre-registration for the latest Wirex payment card available globally.

Q: What about the ‘ban’ announced by cryptocurrency card companies for cards issued outside of the EU?

The challenge comes from one of our card issuers, WaveCrest, who have just announced they could no longer provide cards outside of the EU.

Many copycat bitcoin debit card providers (including recent ICO newcomers) have relied on this same card issuer and are now stuck with very few options to implement.

Wirex has several card issuer relationships and we are now in our third and final month of integration with one issuer who will soon be ready to help us meet our growing customer demand.

Our new enhanced offering for Wirex customers will commence in the next few weeks as integration is finalised. We are running final check processes now. Card orders are temporarily paused and pre-registration is now open for the new contactless payment card that will be available globally.

The new cards will work in a similar way to previous generation cards, with instant exchange from bitcoin or dozens of other cryptocurrencies into traditional currencies like Dollars and Pounds. Funds are immediately available on your Wirex payment card balance and spendable anywhere Visa is accepted.

If Visa payWave contactless payments are accepted, simply hold your new Wirex card over the card reader and the transaction will be instant without requiring pin-code.

Q: So no permanent ban on crypto cards outside of the EU?!

No. The new Wirex contactless payment card will be available both inside and outside of the EU. In fact, we’re looking to open our services to the US market next year too.

We acknowledge many cryptocurrency cardholders are concerned about current industry news. We expect some crypto card providers to quietly go out of business including new startups when they realize the technology integrations they were hoping for are not easy to implement.

We understand this is a collective challenge and want to do our part in supporting the industry which is why we are open to co-branding partnerships with existing card providers who want to make use of the global Wirex infrastructure we have built over the past 4 years. (Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Our latest card integrations bring better foreign exchange rates, faster KYC customer verification (even same day verifications), with cards delivered fast from 15 card printing facilities located around the world, and a more reliable customer support service.

Cryptocurrency users all over the world should be able to spend their digital assets easily.

These are exciting times for Wirex as we approach new milestones in our customer growth with new investment in our global infrastructure and service offering. Announcements coming soon.

Pre-registration for the new Wirex contactless payment card

(discounts up to 50% available to Wirex app users with FREE card replacements available to certain customers — details will be provided as the first batch of cards becomes available)