Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Poloniex Adds Tron (TRX) Support; Is Anyone Surprised After Justin Sun Invests In The Exchange?

The TRX token often teeters between the 10th and 11th place for the largest market cap of any cryptocurrency. However, it’s progress in the industry so far has been enough for Poloniex to welcome the token to their own platform.

At the moment, TRX can be purchased for $0.019428.

Poloniex was recently sold off to new owners, but that hasn’t stifled their progress. According to reports from Crypto Potato, the exchange is now adding the TRON token to their exchange. TRX is the 11th largest altcoin in the market, and it is set to be added on November 12th.

TRX released an official statement on the matter, stating that they’ll be listed on Poloniex. Presently, the token has over $1.1 billion in market cap and recently jumped by 1.5% with the announcement. Consumers will be able to post limit orders involving TRX/BTC, TRX/USDT, and TRX/USDC, starting at 15:00 UTC on November 12th. While only limit orders will be available at the beginning, the exchange will be allowing full trading “shortly after this date.” TRX deposits and withdrawals will soon be available as well.

Poloniex recently stated that they would be moving away from Circle, instead of becoming “a new independent international company.” This transaction will ultimately bring Poloniex substantial resources and “freedom to deliver the product features and marketing strategies needed to be competitive.”

TRON recently announced a partnership with Samsung, which added the token to the Blockchain Keystore. Anyone with the Keystore SDK has the ability to create decentralized applications with TRON’s integration.

Last week, the TRON Foundation stated that the TRX token is due to be listed on the McAfeeDex. McAfeeDex is a decentralized exchange that was launched by John McAfee, who was the former head of an antivirus software company with his last name.

Presently, the TRX token is priced at $0.019428, rising by 2.61% in the last 24 hours.

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