Saturday, 04 July 2020

Roger Ver Joined a New Exchange Advisory Board

Roger Ver, CEO of, and Mate Tokay, COO of, recently announced that they had joined Azbit exchange as Advisors.

This news is of particular interest in the context of Roger's recent statement about intention to open his own cryptocurrency exchange. The global crypto community of course took his statement seriously since “Bitcoin Jesus” has a good eye for the major upcoming industry trends. So, the question on everyone's lips today whether this is the same exchange.

Azbit is an self-dependent fintech project, where the exchange is a part of a large-scale ecosystem. While Roger is planning to launch its own exchange, Azbit’s exchange is currently 80 percent ready. It is based on the existing crypto exchange, which has been operating since 2016.

That may be the union of two experiences. On the one hand, Roger Ver is one of the most influential people in the world of crypto and blockchain. He has recently participated in at least four ICOs as an advisor. All these projects have successfully raised the planned Hard cap - from 15 to 50 million USD. On the other hand, Azbit project has something to offer to the financial world.

Azbit has announced issuance of tokenized shares (with the possibility of receiving dividends) during the crowdfunding campaign. As Azbit AG (AG means a joint-stock company) has been registered in Switzerland and thereby authorized to issue shares.

Furthermore, Azbit is planning to launch an investment platform with possibilities of social copytrading where investors can entrust their assets to experienced traders.


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