Tuesday, 20 August 2019

TMS Europe Introduces Crypto CFDs Backed By Bitcoin Futures

Unlike unregulated exchanges, regulated trading platforms provide a much more secure environment.
As the demand for Bitcoin trading continues, Europe-based TMS Brokers has introduced contracts-for-difference (CFDs) based on Bitcoin futures. The quotations on the CFDs will be based on the quotations of futures contracts of Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the second American exchange to bring Bitcoin to the regulated market.

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One Bitcoin-based contract offered by TMS will be equivalent to the value of a single Bitcoin, while the trading platform is allowing minimum trade size of 0.1 contract per Bitcoin. To attract large investors, the platform has kept the maximum trade size at 10 contracts. In a bid to attract the long-term investors, the platform is allowing users to keep the open positions for as long as 365 days. This makes the CFDs suitable for both long and short positions.

Moreover, TMS is keeping the trading fees only 0.08 percent. The small platform commission will give TMS an upper hand against its market competitions. However, as the trades will be executed instantly, the traders cannot bid with any requotes. The platform will allow its clients to see how the price has been historically shaped for any 15-minutes divided into a European, Asian, and American session.

The trading platform is limiting the leverage to 2:1 to aim an increasing capital investment by the traders. It will also offer fund protection of up to EUR 20,000 to all its clients.

Furthermore, as we approach 2018, the world has shifted toward mobile engagement. TMS is providing its clients with mobile-based trading, which is done on Metatrader 4 platform.

After the introduction of Bitcoin futures in the US market last year, Bitcoin’s value skyrocketed and nearly touched $20,000. However, the coin could not hold its peak value as no major market factor was there to give it a boost, and it continued to lose its value. With the recent cryptocurrency market crash, Bitcoin tanked below $6,000, but with the investors’ interest in the discounted price, the coin has since rebounded and is currently trading around $8,700.

source: financemagnates.com 
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