Monday, 01 June 2020

What's the largest Bitcoin transaction ever made?

The largest Bitcoin transaction—in terms of BTC—is 500,000 BTC in April 2015. The transaction was the equivalent of USD $100 million at the time. You can see the transaction yourself here.

While there have been no transactions involving a larger BTC amount, there was a previous transaction that represented a US dollar value… During the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday, Bitcoin rocketed to $1200/BTC in the first widely reported spike. (Later it fell back to as low as $200).

on November 22, 2013, near that price peak, there was an exchange of just under 195,000 BTC (1.6% of all bitcoin in circulation). It had a USD value of 147 million.
[View it here].
This set blockchain detectives around the world buzzing with speculation. Some believed that the sender may may have been Richard Brandson (Virgin Airlines had just begun accepting bitcoin in payment of air fares) or even Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.

In the end, all we really know about the 2013 transaction is that it is very likely to be an early miner consolidating his funds from many small wallet addresses into a single wallet. The recipient added this tag to the transaction: “Sh*t Load of Money” [edited for family viewing].

By Ellery Davies 
source: Quora
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