Monday, 21 October 2019

The Lightning Conference in Berlin is just around the corner, and to make things a little more exciting for conference attendees (and for everyone else, really), today we’re announcing the release of lnd v0.8.0-beta!

Right now Bitcoin Halving is a big topic in the cryptocurrency world. Again and again, it is called in connection with the price development of Bitcoins. But what exactly is Bitcoin Halving and how to be prepared for it?

In the cryptocurrency world, there is always a demand for safe and secure wallet solutions. Whether it is Bitcoin or any of the altcoins, storing funds in a convenient manner remains a booming industry. As far as Bitcoin’s Lightning Network are concerned, the following lesser-known wallet solutions are all worth looking into.

Just as the individual control of fire radically changed the balance of power between humans and nature, individual control of the creation, transfer, and storage of value shifts the balance of power between ordinary humans and The Bureaucratic Machine which maximizes energy to value conversion.

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