Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Decentralized Social Network Built on Ripple’s XRPL is Being Developed

A decentralized social network built on Ripple’s XRP Ledger is at presently being cooked, NewsLogical has gathered.

The platform, branded Xchange, hopes to be an unmatched social network designed on the XRPL.

The social platform, although still under development, plans to pay users for socializing on a censorship-resistant network. When launched, the social network aims to be an advocate of free speech and individuality.

For now not much has been revealed about the social platform. However, the information about the Xchange got leaked after Thomas Silkjær, Creative director and partner at 2K/DENMARK, published a thought experiment on Blockchain-powered social media platform using XRPL.

Thomas, who explores big data on XRP Ledger and also contributes to Forbes, asked in the article if XRPL code could be forked and refactored to as a social media distributed ledger, and possibly introducing a new asset to support the activity of the platform.

Responding to Thomas’ beautiful research, was a comment by Xchange, which claimed to be working on something similar, and to be released for beta testing as soon as possible.

The social platform said it would love to have Thomas as one of its beta testers when the social media is first unveiled.

Many censorship-resistant blockchain social platforms are available today. Most of these decentralized social platforms came into being due to the perception that the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Google are centralized, censor users, and take action without informing users most of the time.

Recently, YouTube, a Google-owned platform, deleted some cryptocurrency contents and later apologized, claiming it was done in error.

One of those decentralized platforms that came into being to offer censor resistant networks to users is Steemit, a social content platform where users are paid with digital currency for writing awe-inspiring contents. The platform rewards based on the number of upvotes received.

source: newslogocal.com

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