Sunday, 23 February 2020

Tron (TRX) Budges Up from 2nd, Now the 1st Safest Crypto Coin

Tron (TRX), the 12th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, looks to be on another winning streak. The month of October has been quite rosy for the altcoins.
Earlier, NewsLogical reported that the cryptocurrency market opened the day trade placing Tron amongst the top gainers while, a number of top coins were dropping off their value against the USD.

Tron blockchain continues to offer its users great value. A member of the Tronix community has just shared information about Tron in a risk metrics associated with a number of crypto assets.

After being ranked the 2nd safest cryptographic project few days back, the blockchain project which aims to create free and decentralized entertainment system has now budged up to being the top safest coins, data reveals.

Mike McCarthy on August 3 mentioned via his twitter handle that Tron (TRX) was the second safest coin according to Cointobuy analytical tool, a platform which helps users analysis how hard to buy, store and how much safe a crypto assets is based on data garnered on each token.

McCarthy, in the tweet said the data reveals that Tron is the 2nd least risky coin to buy. The Tron/BitTorrent community member furthered that TRX, according to the platform, has a probable profit rate of +168.2%.

“Will reach $0.038 within the coming months the only coin less risky to invest in right now is Bitcoin,” McCarthy appended.

Tron (TRX) Now the Least Risky Crypto Asset to Buy

Amid over 1970 crypto projects recently tracked by McCarthy on Cointobuy analytical tool, Tron emerged as the top safest coin to buy.

After analyzing a number of coins based on their volume ratio, market cap, market performance, Google trend and Twitter citation among other factors, Cointobuy metric tool revealed that Tron has a potential profit of 154.9%.

The platform assigned Tron 6.5 safety rank point while Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum was awarded 6.3, 6.3 and 6.2 points respectively.

17 Days Old Tron’s Sidechain Processes More Txn than BCH, XMR, DASH and Others
In another development, Mike McCarthy mentioned that more transactions are performed on the 17 days old Tron’s sidechain than a number of older networks.

McCarthy captioned in a chart that Tron executes an average monthly transactions of over 42K since February 2019.

Mike McCarthy
How would you feel I told you that TRON's DAppChain is processing more transactions per day than:


This is TRON's sidechain, and it's only 17 days old!#TRON #TRX

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