Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Tone Vays Haul Invective at Ripple, XRP Holders

Bitcoin maximalist Tone Vays has again disparaged Ripple and XRP holders, asking if his followers understand why Ripple and XRP exist.
On Twitter, Tone Vays, an unrepentant critic of XRP, put forward a poll to seek Twitterratti’s opinion on why XRP, a native token of Ripple, was invented.

Tone Vays in the poll asked if his followers knows why XRP was designed.

Before this time, the Bitcoin maximalist and analyst, had held forth different discussion on why XRP was created, calling the digital asset a penny stock created from thin air to rob unsuspecting persons.

This time around Vays wandered into discussion with XRP community, wittily pleading XRP enthusiasts invest all their savings in the crypto coin.

In an instance, Vays humorously enjoined one of the commenters to drop all his fund in XRP and even borrow more from people.

“Invest ALL your money in XRP, including your kids college fund & your parents savings & take out a 2nd mortgage on your home so u can add more,” Tone responded to one of the XRP community member.

Tone Vays further advised another community member to take a loan from ‘mob and invest in Ripple’.

About Tone Vays’ XRP Poll

Tone Vays is seeking the opinion of his followers on the reason Ripple’s XRP was created. The poll generated close to 13,000 votes.

In the poll, Tone Vays asked: “Do you understand the reason for XRP’s existence? (Yes, serious question)”

The final result of the pool presented that 50 percent of the respondents understand the reason XRP was created, while 21 percent do not. However, 29% said Ripple printed XRP to get rich.

The poll has generated much condemnations in the cryptocurrency space, with XRP enthusiasts raising opprobrium on the cryptocurrency analyst.

Tone Vays [Bali - Financial Summit]
Do you understand the reason for $XRP's existence? (Yes, serious question)

29%Printed money to get rich
12,996 votes•Final results
8:13 PM - Oct 3, 2019
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Why is XRP being Accepted for Payment?

Two days back, Tone Vays sought the opinion of Ripple on why XRP token is being accepted for payment. Tone pressed further on why XRP is a digital currency and what the token is all about.

He shared a tweet by Ripple Inc. that indicated the company is collaborating with Bitpay to aid the inclusion of XRP on the payment platform with the aim of expediting the use of XRP in thousands of businesses across the universe.

As the news appeared exciting, Tone Vays, a popular critic of XRP and Ripple, addressed the partnership announcement with contempt, pressing for more information on whether Ripple just achieved what Libra is trying to do or “competing with $EUR & USD like Bitcoin as a global currency”.

Tone Vays [Bali - Financial Summit]
Why is $XRP being accepted for payment? Can someone at @Ripple explain what #XRP is? Is it a currency? Are you officially announcing that you have done what @Libra_ is trying to do? Are you competing with $EUR & $USD like #Bitcoin as a global currency? https://twitter.com/Ripple/status/1179392130537709571 …


More exciting news: Ripple has partnered with @BitPay to enable thousands of businesses to accept #XRP for payments. http://bit.ly/2nOpwOH

7:52 PM - Oct 3, 2019
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