Thursday, 13 August 2020

Steemit Releases DAO UI On SteemitWallet To Allows STEEM Users To Vote On Proposals Without Exiting

Steemit is a social networking and blogging website running on its Steem blockchain. The platform provides rewards for publishers using its platform to publish to the general populace. It recently sent out a news statement indicating that Steem users were now in a position to start voting for proposals they favored on the platform. The good news is that the voters would not be required for them to leave the safety of their wallets for them to vote.

Voting for Proposals to be Funded

On September 10th, 2019, the platform officially announced the user interface it had been developing for Steem.DAO had gone live. This meant that Steemians, as they are known, could now start voting for the proposals they found to be favorable. For users who were worried about leaving or compromising their wallets, the announcement helped ease their worries by stating that voting could be done from the

The changes that were announced by the platform are changes that had led to extensive testing of the platform’s development environment. These changes were aimed at ensuring that the user interface was capable of functioning as previously envisioned. The team behind the development environment went on to add that there was a need to remember the importance of Steem.Dao.

An official also commented on this and stated that the hard fork that led to the addition of Steem.Dao had been difficult, but that it was performing well since its addition. They went on to add that they had already received many proposals and out of these, two that had been found to be above board had, therefore, gone ahead to receive funding.

This is the reason why Steem users were being asked to visit the interface which could be found at Steem.Dao. Once on the interface, they could then proceed to cast votes for the proposals they believed in and which they thought should be funded.

The team behind Steem concluded its public statement by mentioning that Steem.DAO UI was at the moment being regarded by the platform as an MVP (minimal viable product). This means that more improvements were expected to come at a later date.

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