Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Ethereum’s Istanbul Hardfork: Ethereum Improvement Protocols are yet to be accepted by core devs

Ethereum [ETH], the second largest cryptocurrency and leading smart contract platform, has been preparing for its upcoming hardfork, Istanbul, which is scheduled to happen in October.
The topic was recently discussed during the Ethereum Cat Herders meeting, where the team listed out the hurdles core devs are facing. Additionally, another topic of discussion was Programmatic Proof-of-Work [ProgPow], the upgrade proposed to shake off ASIC miners.

During the previous Ethereum Cat Herders meeting that was held in May, Hudson Jameson, a member of EF, stated that the ProgPow upgrade would likely not make it to the Istanbul upgrade. This was mainly due to issues surrounding its audit, wherein Hudson stated that the team was looking for other auditors for the hardware audit.

This situation continues to remain the same as it was stated that auditing still hadn’t started for ProgPow. It was further said that it was not going to be completed before the deadline, making it “highly unlikely” for ProgPow to make it in the upcoming hardfork.

The team also discussed the situation pertaining to the Istanbul hardfork and Ethereum Improvement Protocols [EIPs]. It was said that core devs were currently evaluating various EIPs that were proposed for Istanbul. However, it was also revealed that the meeting held for this discussion was frustrating as most champions were absent during the core devs call, making it “difficult to negotiate the validity of the EIP.” Additionally, so far the core developers have not approved any EIPs.

This was followed by the team discussing the possible hurdles the team could be facing with regards to the approval of the EIPs. The first point made was the lack of clarity around the submission dates, during which one of the members, Tim Beiko, pointed out that majority of EIPs were submitted on the last date, adding that all of them were in different stages. The second point was a technical discussion of the proposed EIPs, where it was suggested that such discussions require a better mode of communications.
“[…] we are supposed to have our implementation complete in more or less one month, on July 19 and speaking for Pantheon, we have zero EIPs implemented because zero are marked as accepted. So if we get 10 that are marked as accepted five days before July 19, obviously that deadline will slip […]”

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