Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Monero developers removed a vulnerability related to Ledger wallets

- The developers rectified the bug and restored assess to users funds.
- XMR/USD rangebound with bearish bias.
Monero developers managed to eliminate the vulnerability that caused losses to some Ledger Nano S users. The access to the lost funds has also been restored.

“We have, in collaboration with the Ledger team, successfully managed to recover the ‘lost’ funds of the users affected by the Ledger change output bug!” the team wrote in Twitter.

A few weeks ago a Ledger Nano users said that he had lost 1680 XMR (about $80,000) when trying to transfer coins with Monero client v.0.14 and Ledger Nano S v. 1.1.3. However, it turned out that the coins were not lost. Due to the bug the transactions were not spotted by the wallet and, subsequently, not reflected on users balances.

The developers promised to keep an eye on Ledger Monero code and perform additional tests to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

Meanwhile, XMR/USD is hovering around $69.00 handle, losing about 1% since this time of Tuesday. The 13th largest coins have been rabgebound with bearish bias recently, moving in sync with the rest of the market.

The local support is spotted at $68.20 (SMA50 4-hour) followed by $68.00 (SMA200 1-hour). A sustainable move lower will unleash bearish potential and take the price towards $66.50 (April,6 low). On the upside, the resistance is created by $71.50 followed by the recent high at $72.40.

source: fxstreet.com
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