Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Justin Sun’s Aggressive Plans for Tron’s 2019

Tron currently ranked 10th position with a market capitalisation of $1,490,151,742 and showing bullish signs at $0.022381 had a successful 2018. Justin Sun, the creator of Tron has shaken the cryptocurrency sphere with aggressive moves and beyond ambitious targets which were all accomplished last year.

Tommy Mustache tweeted Tron’s accomplishments of 2018 which included it’s independence from Ethereum and launching its Mainnet, more transaction volumes compared to Ethereum along with groundbreaking registrations achieved and unbelievable dApp growth.

The 2019 goals of Tron include massive targets such as being the 4th ranked cryptocurrency, make the ecosystem larger than Ethereum, bring the 100M BitTorrent users to Blockchain and making Tron the largest decentralised ecosystem.

Is it achievable?

For Tron to become the fourth-ranked cryptocurrency, it would have to double its current market cap of $1.4 billion to achieve Bitcoin Cash ABC’s market capitalisation of $2.8 billion.

Sun’s repeated aggression, especially towards Ethereum’s platform in terms of more transaction volumes, was achieved and it’s 2019 goals may not be that far if Ethereum doesn’t improve its scalability.

The most interesting feat is bringing BitTorrent’s 100 million to Blockchain, which will help boost adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency overall. BitTorrent’s token is already seen to be highlighted on Binance’s launchpad.

The Binance Launchpad token launch platform helps blockchain projects raise funds and increase their reach across the crypto ecosystem.

Tron’s quest of becoming the largest decentralized ecosystem is a huge possibility too, given that it has been gaining regarding dApps, transaction speeds and various partnerships.

Justin Sun is known to be a student of the popular entrepreneur Jack Ma of Alibaba. This year could mark him becoming the Jack Ma of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere.

source: zerocrypted.com 
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