Tuesday, 04 August 2020

Recap of CREAM Team's attendance at Delta Summit

Last week from 3-5th October, few members of Cream Team were attending at the biggest blockchain and crypto industry event in the world .
Delta Summit was hosted by the Maltese Government in Intercontinental Malta hotel, gathering more then 4000 people from all over the world, from different industries, people what they see the potential of the blockchain technology.

Government of Malta with this event claimed and prove the title, world's blockchain island, the best blockchain business friendly place. The Prime Minister of Malta, Dr.Joseph Muscat in his speech stated that the idea to make Malta the best jurisdiction in Europe and beyond, with most comprehensive and sensitive regulatory framework for distributed ledger technologies, finally came true. Malta is the center of the blockchain world and will support democracy of the individuals and decentralization of humanity.
Delta Summit in the 3 day agenda featured key note presentations, ICO pitches, panel discussions covering most sensitive blockchain issues, like blockchain applications, digital asset management, regulations and compliance, and in general finance and banking.

Day 1 was registration day , Cream Team members got their tags at the registration counter at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Day 2 opening day and networking .

Cream Team as you saw it met the CEO of Binance briefly, the most modest crypto celebrity who was dedicated to represent his company and crypto in general. We did talk with few members of the Binance crew about  the requirements for updating project information, project listing on Binance. Kindly was explained, that every update is going to multiple reviews before is published on their site.

The Erald Ghoos who owns crypto.com , friendly fellow, owner of ex-Monaco Card now just MCO, spent a quality time talking about regulations and compliance in general.

Next to that stand was MFSA- Malta Financial Services Authority providing all the regulatory certainty in the digital wolrd, and once again showing the commitment of the Goverment in the blockchain field. Maltese lawyers were on few stands, providing guide how to open a company or become a resident of Malta. We met Stefen Micallef, independent consultant who explained the options for CREAM project, in some stage of the development to open a company in Malta. Going to lunch, on the way out we met REMAX Malta, CEO Kevin Buttigieg , friendly Maltese who lived most of his life in Detroit, but came back to his lovely country seeing the opportunity in real estate. He said that 2017th growth in real estate deals was definitely result of the visionary Maltese government and the blockchain industry moving in Malta.

Changelly.com swap platform, we approached comparing them with ShapeShift, and we got friendly response that is their competition. Cream project presentation was quite impressive for them, seeing all these CREAM applications.

Listening to the presentation of Ian Gauci about digital age and legal order, see on this guy's t-shirt BRB sign, actually was BRP. That was Bruno Cho CEO of Blockchain Revolution Partners. Andrew Kang operational manager, briefly explained BRP project, a lot of similarities and very close to CREAM project, so we clicked right away about next steps in our blockchain cooperation.

We had 45 minutes for lunch, on the way back , walking through the streets of St Julian's, you can see a lot of people with Delta Summit tags, so we kindly acknowledge each other. We see 2 guys with hats, and i assume that they are from states ? Yes, they were from Miami, actually one of them grew up in Plainfield,NJ, had lot in comment with one of our team member. That was the one of the speakers at Delta summit Eric Mendelsen, CEO of RecordGram and Tune Token. We exchange visit cards and of course, he had to give them Cream hats and t-shirts.

Mingling in the crowd i see familiar looking face, the CEO of CryptalDash Exchange Amine Larhrib. We finally met in person and exchange few ideas, he contacted his team about immediate listing. CREAMcoin is listed on CryptalDash exchange.

We finished the night with Delta Bar hoping crew, hosted by Loving Malta marketing crew and the lovely crew manager Kira Drury. We end up in Valletta at Kennedy's Bar, where we met the Reiben&Velvis, USA lawyers, exchange the views on the KYC and AML procedures at various jurisdictions, and in our case the BTM's regulations and compliance, KYC and AML.
Pleasantly we were surprised with the fellows from upcoming Ukrainian exchange Cryptanite, again lawyer George Ryabchyy and their head of tech Gleb Lubchenko, and exchanging our stories about our missions in the blockchain field.
It was 11pm and , we almost won the free 1 BTC what Delta was giving on tonight's journey, one of Cream Team members had #22, and Kyra picked #24.

Day 3.
Early at the exhibition area, listening to panel discussion on: AI, blockchain and the future in healthcare, met Sve Savov from Cryptovest.com. We discussed about the possibilities how we can cooperate in the blockchain media field.

Decimeted.net CEO Stephen (Espion) Arnold, introduce us with his blockchain gaming project and on going ITO. Decimated, a survival game with salvageable cryptocurrency, using blockchain to manage virtual trading between players, assign ownership of virtual items, digital scarcity and to store player data.

Our next stop was DX.Exchange booth , spoke with their partnership manager David Feder, kindly introduced him to CREAM project, all the apps and our in progress activities, BTM development, CRM Gateway and a lot more from CRM development. His response was : "if you don't have a company, honestly " I would put all the paperwork under the desk". The conversation got little heat, our response was honest, straight forward on every question. At the end we shook hands , and he said that he will definitely remember us.

In the mean time Roger Ver in his 15 minute speech repeated that Bitcoin is losing the battle for world number one currency and in general how is getting out of the Mr. Nakamoto's original path.

Interesting fireside chat on blockchain regulations and gambling, where Kiraj Raj ,Chief Strategy of Bittrex stated that Bittrex got the SEC security trading license approval for USA , and in the same time the Government of Malta provide them the International security trading license. In that matter the panelist from Palladium gave explanation why they their token is security, and the treatment of securities in different jurisdictions.

We met BitBay, originally from Poland, this is the second exchange in a row that open office in Malta. Now you can find them as Pinewood Holdings Limited, 35 Strait Street, Valletta VLT 1434, Malta.
The BitBay team was friendly, explaining to us all possibilities about their exchange, as BitBay Card (not not yet available), Immediate transfers all over the world with your BitBay account, Bitomats, the FIAT exchange of EUR, PLN and USD, about BitBay PRO exchange with various features, layouts and advanced tools, Investments platform, as well as new coin listing procedure.
BitBay debuted in 2014. Over 800,000 unique users from around the world and BTC 547,000 of annual volume give us the leading position among Polish cryptocurrency exchanges. It have been rewarded as The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2017 and 2018 (according to the Cryptocurrency World Expo ranking) and awarded the Polish Innovation Award 2017. Find them at https://bitbay.net

Later on , we were at the OKEX booth, speaking with Aldrich Victorino, about crypto in general and meeting listing requirements for OKEX exchange.

Closing speech by Dr.Kablan, person responsible that Cream team was attending on DELTA Summit. He remind all of us how big was this event, the biggest tech happening in Malta, and the meaning of it for the blockchain technology. Cream Team is thankful to Dr.Kablan and his crew, the Government of Malta, all the participants on Delta Summit and the people of Malta.

We hope that other governments will follow Maltese steps in blockchain technology and the process of decentralization of the societies.

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