Wednesday, 08 April 2020

What are the strangest implications of blockchain technology?

I have 8 strange implications for you that will change our life as we know it.

1. That 80% of bankers will probably lose their jobs in the next 3 years and 80% of all banks will shut down

2. That after democratizing our governments 50 years ago worldwide, with some trailing behind, we are now finally democratizing our economy. This could lead to a 10x boost in any economic metric, eradicate poverty, hunger, disease worldwide by simply removing corruption

3. That we won’t have an ID with us anymore, since our identification will be stored immutably on the blockchain (Civic, TheKey)

4. That our taxes will also be processed on the blockchain

5. That we will vote our countries’ leaders with the blockchain and possibly also vote on all kinds of policies via the blockchain

6. That all of our health data will be stored on the blockchain and be made available to any doctor, any hospital that needs it

7. That we will buy our electricity via the blockchain (WePower, Electrify.Asia, PowerLedger)

8. That we won’t get our internet from ISPs anymore, but from the crowd (Skycoin)

So, exciting times.

By Marcus Kramer 
source: Quora 

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