Tuesday, 04 August 2020

New tech makes loyalty rewards easier to use at Upstate restaurants

Blockchain and barbeque may not seem like the most complementary of menu items, but Sticky Fingers restaurants in Greenville will soon be using the advanced technology to help customers enjoy refreshed loyalty rewards.

MobileBridge, a Switzerland-based tech firm, has partnered with the Memphis-based barbeque chain to offer loyalty rewards on its Momentum platform in the next few weeks. According to Kees de Vos, CEO of MobileBridge, the platform allows customers to store their rewards securely and safely, and has “never been hacked or compromised”.

Customers don’t need to worry about the logistics behind Momentum, says de Vos, but says that they’ll be able to get better rewards from Sticky Fingers.

“In typical loyalty programs it is hard to save up for loyalty points and when you finally have enough points, it’s hard to redeem them,” said de Vos. “In the case of Sticky Fingers, loyalty points are used to reward customers not only when they spend money at their local Sticky Fingers restaurant, but they could earn points every time they do something positive - for example when they leave a review of their visit, when they come to a restaurant or when they introduce a friend to Sticky Fingers. This means that people can earn more points and it will make it easier to achieve some of the great promotions and rewards that Sticky Fingers have on.”

The loyalty points are saved as Momentum “tokens” in an app that are used for those rewards. Earn enough tokens, and you’ll get a reward by showing the app at Sticky Fingers. For example, de Vos says if Sticky Fingers offers a free appetizer or dessert for 10 tokens, you show the app at the restaurant to get your free treat.

There’s another trick up Momentum’s sleeve though: universality. The platform has also partnered with other restaurants, like Burger King, and allows customers to use the tokens anywhere they want. If that restaurant or establishment uses Momentum tokens, you can use them there too.

For example, you earn tokens eating at Sticky Fingers, but you want to get some candy from a local candy shop that’s on the Momentum platform too. You can use the same tokens you got from Sticky Fingers at the candy shop.

“On a functional level, it is the blockchain technology that will allow easy exchange between the various loyalty programs that share the Momentum platform, hence adding much greater flexibility to non-blockchain based, standalone rewards programs,” says de Vos.

Unlike other blockchain currencies, like BitCoin and Ethereum, de Vos says Momentum’s tokens will not fluctuate on a market. According to de Vos, “That means that when you earn ‘10 tokens to get a free ice cream’, remains exactly that.”

Making blockchain more accessible is also something de Vos hopes results from this new venture, saying “Loyalty points have always been a ‘virtual currency’, but thanks to blockchain we can open the full opportunity - making it easier to earn, easier to use and easier to exchange. They are simply much more ‘liquid’ than they were before, much more like ‘real’ currency.”

MobileBridge plans on rolling out the new program for Sticky Fingers in the next few weeks for both the downtown and Woodruff Road locations.

source: foxcarolina.com
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