Saturday, 19 September 2020

BookiePro has ability to "revolutionise" affiliate marketing

‘Provably fair’ affiliate marketing like that offered by sports betting exchange BookiePro can “completely revolutionise the operator-affiliate relationship”, according to the president of the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA).
“Provably fair affiliate marketing has the power to completely revolutionise the operator-affiliate relationship by restoring trust and transparency via the latest in blockchain technology,” PBSA President Jonathan Baha’i told

BookiePro’s ‘provably fair’ affiliate programme will utilise blockchain technology to automate tracking and payments via a fully transparent platform, providing affiliates with peace of mind that they will receive exactly what they are owed without delay.

With blockchain technology already transforming the igaming sector, the BookiePro affiliate programme marks the dawn of provably fair affiliate marketing.

It will offer full transparency of affiliate commission via an immutable public Peerplays blockchain, alongside customized tracking and guaranteed automated payments.

Baha’i added: “The BookiePro affiliate programme is designed to ensure affiliates are treated fairly, and can have full confidence that they will be paid what they are owed without delay. We are already seeing more affiliates embracing bitcoin gaming and the creation of this new affiliate program is only going to accelerate that process.”

Totally Gaming says: This is an exciting development in the affiliate space, with blockchain proving its value to the world of sports betting yet again. Fairness and integrity will be enhanced, and that can only be a good thing for all involved.

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