Tuesday, 16 July 2019


CREAM - "Crypto Rules Everything Around ME" is raising money through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) paired with the same name currency, CREAM with index CRM, and in the second phase, plans to develop start up foundation CREAMLINE.

Trending crypto movement and current crypto world environment, inspired our entrepreneur team to create X11 algorithm currency as a start up project, to begin new chapter for promoting and marketing for various companies and individuals. In the same time pairing different consumer products from those clients, with new line of our brand CREAMLINE. Our brand CREAMLINE will carry to the next level of sales, for various crypto services and crypto products which will be contracted .Those contracts will support revenue and growth of the network and CREAMCOIN.

CREAMLINE has base of multiple networks,social media and systems from 3rd parties, to be used for self promotion,end providing services for who ever in need.In that order we will have submission form,for all crypto startups, individuals or companies, what will need our services. CREAMTEAM will accept those submissions for the CREAMLINE, with included either your business plan or executive summary for proper consideration. A lender, equity source of capital or notable intermediary will respond via email within 24 hours of a project being submitted and provide all additional information. All your project information and details will be held privately and solely distributed to target potential investors.

All specifications of the CREAM coin and the development of the CREAMLINE in the second phase, is encouraging future investors do not hesitate and invest in this project ,you will see the benefits of it in the near future. In that order ,CREAMTEAM decided to make statement about developing CREAMLINE , on 27th of June, 2017 will launch the first product- project CREAM CRYPTO NEWS at the following website :


CREAMTEAM has lined up contracts with various 3rd parties, and in intensive negotiations with multiple inventors to be a part of the CREAMLINE. So if you do recognize your self in above mentioned parties, please contact us,CREAMLINE and TEAM will make sure that you will succeed and you'll be proud to make a statement:



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