Friday, 10 July 2020

Amazon Hints At Expanding Blockchain Into Advertising

Amazon appears to be looking to build out its advertising business by putting the data on a blockchain.

An Amazon job post suggests the company will expand on the work it has already done in blockchain by expanding the technology into advertising. The company is looking for a senior software engineer to join its Advertising FinTech team.

Data will become the biggest benefit for Amazon to build blockchain into its advertising business. Advertisers also will benefit from the data and transparency as the ads move through the supply chain.

Amazon's team is focused on Blockchain ledger, according to a media outlet that cites a recent Amazon job posting on LinkedIn.

It’s an opportunity for someone to “define a technology architectural direction … in Amazon's advertising business using the newest technologies.”

The job post focuses on lead design, implementation and deployment of core components, the ability to interface with engineers and program managers on dependent teams, and taking responsibility for the operational support and maintenance of the systems.

The company already uses Blockchain-related technologies. Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) -- a scalable blockchain network using Hyperledger Fabric -- and Ethereum, two open-source frameworks, were announced last year.

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