Monday, 24 February 2020

Blockchain Investment Required for Africa To Progress

Despite global investment statistics suggesting current assets under management have exceeded $500 billion last year, there remains many opportunities and avenues of investment where the tap has not been turned.
One of these investment streams that has not been utilised to its fullest as of yet is in Blockchain technology.

Investors could take advantage of the Blockchain for multiple purposes. Of course, they could just grab a Luno Bitcoin Wallet and start investing in the orthodox but often successful way – or they could take a different approach. Blockchain can help less-economically developed areas such as in African territories. They could achieve this due to three emerging trends in Africa. Here we will discuss these three trends and the progress it could have for the continent.

Investing Has Turned Sustainable

As economic times becomes tougher around the globe, more of the everyday person looks to investing opportunities. However, at the same time, those entering the investment game at this stage, namely millennials, do not just invest in opportunities that will see them a solid return on investment. Now, millennials and many other, including a significant portion of people in the baby boomer category want to invest in good causes. Investment is now geared towards sustainable living, environmentally friendly initiatives and companies who pledge to do good for those less fortunate, i.e. people living in some African countries.

Blended Capital

A second trend being observed is seen in a sharp rise in blended impact first capital. This refers to continuous pressure for different organisations, including governmental ones, to use sustainable models of funding. As a result, aid money and grants have started to blend with market-based funding models. This means that profit capital nor resides with non-profit capital and can be used for the greater good of society and communities.

Technological Spread

The technological revolution may have been somewhat delayed in Africa but now it is well and truly in full swing. More Africans are beginning to own smartphones and subscribe to a contemporary way of living. As a result, Africa’s economy has picked up and they have harnessed technological developments such as leveraging a culture based on money transfers. Not to forget that more people now have access or potential access to traditional banking and the internet has spread like wildfire across most of Africa’s regions.

Blockchain to Harness Trends

Although crypto is one stream utilising the blockchain, and it can be hard to separate the thought of the crypto and the blockchain, the technology beneath digital currencies can be used for other purposes in Africa and help the continent progress. Investing in this technology is more possible now within the continent due to the technological spread but outsiders are more likely to pitch in with blockchain-based investment from outside of Africa, catering to philanthropic desires of young investors and to attain sustainable capital.

There is no question that Blockchain provides one stream of potential investment in any location. Yet, Africa remains one of the best places to make the most of it and enable it to make a positive difference for locals.

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