Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Switzerland's Zug To Try Blockchain-based Municipal Voting

Switzerland's crypto-valley Zug will run a pilot for a municipal voting system, which will be powered by blockchain technology, using the city's current digital ID (eID) system later in June.
According to local media outlet Swissinfo.ch, the city of Zug will require the residents in the municipality to take part in a blockchain-based trial voting for municipal matters like a referendum vote.

The residents will be invited to take part in Switzerland's first municipal blockchain voting between June 25 and July 1. Voters will be able to vote via their smartphones by downloading the existing uPort app to register.

Under the trial, voters will asked to vote for or against fireworks at the annual Lakeside Festival, and use of digital IDs to borrow books from the library or pay parking fees.

They will also be asked if the blockchain-based digital ID (eID) system should be used for regular referendum votes in future.

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Zug had introduced its eID system to allow citizens digital access to council services in a pilot phase starting in November last year.

The Swiss town of Zug in central Switzerland was probably the world's first to begin accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment for government services on a trial basis from July 2016. The city also allows people to pay with virtual currencies in restaurants, shops and even for public transport.

The Zug province in Switzerland is now a "crypto-valley", with several start-up firms dealing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

source: RTTnews
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