Sunday, 26 January 2020

BlockChain Innovations Corp., a Las Vegas and Toronto-based international blockchain technology provider serving the regulated gaming industry, acquired The Games Company, a UK-based provider of online casino games.

Class and sophistication are adjectives of a luxury brand. Customers in this category have one thing in common – they appreciate the subtle things. Blockchain technology can play a role in serving this clientele.

Time Banking Cloud Services has introduced a blockchain-based time coin mechanism to enourage volunteers to offer help for elderly people, according to company general manager CJ Lin.

Volunteers from enterprises and non-profit organizations can obtain time coins through the cloud-based banking mechanism for giving care services, and they can use the coins to ask for care services in the future, equivalent to future return on time investment at present, Lin explained. The platform keeps accurate and fair blockchain records of every volunteer providing services, Lin said.

Time Banking provides training in elderly people's care and related consulting for volunteers, Lin noted. For every enterprise or non-profit organization, the company monthly charges NT$2 (US$0.066) per time coin it issues, but exempts the charge if fewer than 5,000 time coins are issued in a month, Lin indicated.


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Just as the internet led to the complete overhaul of processes, so blockchain is creating a profound transformation in information management, explains Alain Chevée...

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