Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Industrial revolution X: robotics, AI and blockchain skills for Emirati students

The Ministry of Education has unveiled ambitious plans to equip Emiratis with advanced skills in artificial intelligence, the internet of things, self-driving cars, robotics and blockchain.
Titled "industrial revolution X", the plan will prepare students for the fourth industrial revolution, which refers to the rise of AI and robotics.

It will encourage new start-ups, bridge the gap between academia and industry and boost the number of scientific papers published by UAE nationals.

The plan is aligned with the country's artificial intelligence strategy and the strategy for the fourth industrial revolution.

"The ... programme will contribute to positioning the UAE as the world's first open laboratory to test and apply fourth industrial revolution technologies," said Minister of Education Hussain Al Hammadi.

The programme is structured around three tracks: entrepreneurship, research and employment. The entrepreneurship track will support beneficiaries in starting their ventures, while the “employment track” supports applicants in finding jobs. Meanwhile, the “research track” provides candidates with the opportunity to submit scientific papers in return for postgraduate scholarships in prestigious international institutions.

The programme is being implemented in collaboration with Udacity, a pioneer in online education based in Silicon Valley.

“This programme will bring the most future-ready technology courses from Silicon Valley tech giants to the UAE. It is a great example of the UAE’s mission to become a leader in innovation and prepare its youth for the job market," said Udacity founder and president Sebastian Thrun.

Industrial revolution X kicks off at the National Science, Technology and Innovation Festival running in conjunction with UAE innovation month in Dubai from February 15 to 19.

All the tracks will be open to high achieving Emiratis (seniors or recent graduates with a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree) who can register on nstifestival.ae/irx. A panel of experts will screen the applications to determine who goes through to the next phase.

The Emirati participants eligible to be part of the programme will then be part of a 12-month journey that will equip them with the knowledge, skills and mindset to succeed and position the UAE among the most advanced technological countries in the world.

And more details will be released over the coming months.

source: thenational.au
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