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Wallet Termination Option Brings Ripple (XRP) Average of 40 Account Deletions a Day

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Thanks to a voting consensus reached among the XRP community, the XRPL team instituted the ‘deletable account feature for users to terminate their wallet on XRP network.

The account termination option turned out to be useful for users as the community accepted the feature with pleasure, and since then, people have been using the feature effectively.

As revealed by XRP SCAN in a statement today, May 12, the deletable account amendment has so far resulted in an average of 40 account deletions a day since it was established.

XRP SCAN made the revelation with a graphical illustration showing the number of accounts that have been dismissed by users in the last 3 days.

As illustrated in the chart, 52 accounts were deleted on May 9, a day after the feature was deployed. A little below 40 was done the next day, and yesterday, May 11, about 48 accounts were terminated.

The result shows that a number of XRP wallet users have accounts which have been obsolete for some time, but they were earlier left with the option of leaving the account to lie fallow.

One XRP user commented on the update, stating that he owns 10 of the accounts that were deleted.

Deleting Account on XRP Ledger

On May 8, NewsLogical reported that XRPL is introducing the Deletable Account amendment feature after maintaining 80% vote in support of the feature.

On May 6, XRP Ledger, in a blog post, stated that it is introducing the deletion of on-ledger accounts. The development is regarded as the first of its kind on the ledger.

Prior to the introduction of the deletion feature, accounts were permanent with a minimum of 20 XRP reserve. However, to delete an account now, users need to send a transaction from the account, hence, the owner of an account is required to do this.

Directory of deleted account would be wiped off from current ledger completely, but its transaction history would still remain on immutable historical ledger data.

As published in a previous post, users are able to recover 75% of their reserve balance after using the delectable feature to terminate their account.


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