Tuesday, 04 August 2020


London-based Fantastec have announced their first football licensing agreement with English Premier club Arsenal F.C. to launch a new blockchain-authenticated collectibles app called Fantastec SWAP.

Designed to provide fans with exclusive content such as video and players autographs, the assets can be swapped and traded on-chain with any collector worldwide.

Mobile-first Fan Base

Football supporters of a certain age will have fond memories of the joys of hoarding Panini stickers and chewing-gum football packs but Fantastec’s Simon Wollard believes that the new app widens the appeal of collectibles as “The majority of sports fans are now mobile-first and geographically distanced from their favourite teams.”

Arsenal’s Commercial Director, Peter Silverstone, agrees: “Many of us remember collecting and swapping player cards with friends. This initiative with Fantastec SWAP brings that concept into today’s digital world and gives our fans access to unique Arsenal collectibles and content wherever they are in the world.”

The app itself will enable fans to buy team packs through the Apple and Google Play stores in order to complete collections. Once achieved, the holder will be given access to more rarer collectibles and increased rewards.

Last year Fantastec purchased Colony, a Video on Demand (VOD) platform, and now expect Arsenal will be in the vanguard of fan-based development products with “…many more top-tier global football clubs set to follow.”

source: icoexaminer.com 
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