Tuesday, 11 August 2020

dexFreight announces early adopters program for its blockchain system

dexFreight announced the launch of its early adopters program to its blockchain system for U.S. shippers, carriers, brokers and freight forwarders.

Companies joining the program will have access to early versions of the dexFreight platform, and can interact with dexFreight’s development and product teams.

Last October, dexFreight completed its first blockchain-based shipment in Florida using smart contracts. The 5,320-lb frozen food shipment was hauled from Preferred Freezer Services to Manny’s Enterprises.

“Through our early adopters program, we will be using the real-world expertise of logistics stakeholders to evaluate new and advanced features of our platform that will be launched in the near future,” said Rajat Rajbhandari, CEO and co-founder of dexFreight. "We don’t want to develop in a vacuum, and we believe the dialogue with and feedback from early adopters is vital in creating a platform that helps the entire logistics community."

Rajbhandari told Fleet Owner the company was targeting 50-100 companies across the supply chain to join during 2019.

The company said basic features of the platform include load matching, rate negotiation, shipment tracking, navigation and communication, and payments built on blockchain technology from the ground up.

Future plans include escrow services, tokenized invoices, rate forecasting, bid preparation and other features.

source: fleetoowner.com 
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