Sunday, 05 July 2020

Google Updates: Security in motion, Linux in launcher and Ethereum in the sin bin

WELCOME TO Google Updates! For new readers, this is our weekly round-up of the ‘rest' of the news from Google, Android and the wider Alphabet group that doesn't get a chance to shine in longer articles during the week - articles like these. It's a bit like that drawer in the kitchen with the carrier bags, spare birthday cake candles, batteries that may or may not have charge in them, and that key that you know is for something so you don't want to throw it away just yet.

So what have we got for you this week?

Well, first off, and slightly off topic (but we know you lot care a lot about this), Jensen Yuang has finally gone on record to say that the Nvidia Shield Tablet is, for now at least, an ex-product, with no plans for a successor to the (arguably, best) 8in Android device with a mighty CPU and a 192-core GPU to boot. This doesn't affect the TV version, however - that seems to go from strength to strength with more features on the way.

Back to Google proper, and Chrome OS. After wowing us with a promise of Linux compatibility, it has now emerged that the integration could run deeper than we thought. The latest news out of Mountain View is that Linux apps will be treated like any others - that means you'll be able to launch them from the app launcher, which is cooler than we even expected.

On the ads side, it looks like Google is cracking down on get-rich-quick schemes being advertised. Some territories are now banning the word "Ethereum" from ad copy according to several reports. Google has neither confirmed nor denied this, but is advising people to check the crypto section of its policy documents.

From a more enabling point of view, Google Maps has added icons and audible alerts from Waze to Google Maps. We've never quite understood why they're two separate products anyway, but there you go, there are even more ways to beat the cops in Google Maps too. It's apparently a test rollout, but there's bound to be a fuller one soon. Google doesn't leave features in public beta for long. Any more.

And finally for this week, we all know already that the best way to download apps to Android is the Play Store, to avoid nasties, right?

Well unfortunately, it's not as clean-cut as we hoped after it emerged that a virus got past the auspices of Google's security. It works by only triggering its payload - a banking trojan - if it detects motion sensors being used on the device. That way it will scupper anyone testing the app on a computer on in an emulator. Pretty sneaky, huh? μ

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