Thursday, 19 September 2019

This Bot Lets You Exchange Crypto on Twitter

Zwaply allows users to swap 100+ cryptocurrencies without leaving Twitter.

Twitter users are now able to swap more than 100 cryptocurrencies directly within the app using Zwaply, a new, automated bot that utilizes Twitter direct messaging (DM).

Zwaply crew tweeted:
Finally! Exchange crypto currencies INSIDE Twitter.
Send a Message (DM) to @ZwaplyBot. No need to follow, just click Message to get started.
P.S. Follow this thread for a step-by-step detailed instructions

According to the Zwaply website, users need only to tag the bot’s Twitter handle in a direct message to their desired recipients with the coin and amount to be sent.
Once the message is delivered, it takes roughly 10 seconds and the end user will be notified by Twitter DM when the coins reach their wallet.
In order to provide the best possible exchange rate, Zwaply pulls from several exchange sources including Changelly, ChangeNow and ShapeShift.

“We are a non-custodial crypto-to-crypto exchange that lets you swap cryptos instantly, over Twitter, in a secure and private way, where everything gets done automatically,” noted Zwaply Founder, Gonzalo Arzuaga.

Zwaply is currently available on Twitter and Telegram, and will soon be added to Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack. The bot currently supports swaps for Bitcoin and major altcoins including Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Dash, List, Ethereum Classic, NEM, Steem, Augur, Ardor and Binance Coin.

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