Saturday, 08 August 2020

Japanese Pure Diamond Blockchain Tech Makes Natural Lab-grown Diamonds

A new Japanese innovation using blockchain technology has made lab-grown diamonds chemically, physically and optically identical to natural diamonds.

Pure Diamond Lab, a Tokyo-based company is able to cultivate diamonds which have identical qualities of natural-occurring ones and qualify to be certified by the Gemological Institution of America.

These diamonds are grown in a controlled environment of the company’s laboratories using pure carbon material -- giving birth to a breed of ‘flawless’ lab-grown diamonds which exhibit optical properties superior to natural ones.

Pure Diamond Co Ltd sets apart from their competitors with the development of a blockchain technology for the diamond market. Information on cultivation, refinement and appraisal of lab-grown diamond is collected and digitalised, creating a profile that is available to the end consumer, thus increasing transparency and enhancing the retail experience.

Chief Technology Officer of the Pure Diamond Blockchain project, Jun Kawasaki said the project is the correct way to use blockchains and Pure Diamond Lab’s producer, Hideyuki Abe said the technology gives every diamond a story.....

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