Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Steam game Abstractism found to be mining cryptocurrency

Game distributor Valve came across and removed the game Abstractism from its Steam platform and banned its make Okalo Union for pushing cryptocurrency miners and scamming customers.

Abstractism not only overly utilize the power resources of those who purchased the game, but several users even uploaded images indicating their systems designated the game as malware, according to Digital Trends. The game's design encourages players to let the game run for 40 or more hours per week by making hard to find items rare, which coincided with what any cryptominer would also desire.

In addition to making extra money by mining, players found in-game items for purchase in Abstractism that looked just like hard to a hard to find TeamFortress 2 Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Rocket Launcher, ARS reported. When it fact it was a totally useless item for Abstractism.

About 20,000 players downloaded the game, according to Steamspy.

The game and its maker were both removed and banned from Steam shortly after these problems were made publ

source: scmagazine.com 
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