Sunday, 31 May 2020

CoinMarketCap Removed From BTC Page

One of the world’s foremost cryptocurrency price tracking site by the name of CoinMarketCap (CMC) has removed from the Bitcoin page without any announcements as to why it made the move.
While there was no clear announcement about being removed from its BTC page, the reason why the CoinMarketCap tracking site has removed from its BTC page is actually quite clear. The website has recently been coming under a lot of fire from the Bitcoin community for being a misleading website that is encouraging people to buy Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin by saying that Bitcoin Cash is a more reliable currency and has a greater store of value than the original Bitcoin. Only

As of the press time on the 7th of May, CoinMarketCap has only one website and that is was started off by Roger Ver who is one of the major cryptocurrency investors. When the Bitcoin blockchain saw a hardfork back in the August of 2017, it saw the formation of Bitcoin Cash, an alternative blockchain which split from the original Bitcoin blockchain. Roger Ver is one of the biggest supporters of Bitcoin Cash and strongly believes that Bitcoin Cash is a much better cryptocurrency than the original Bitcoin.

After the fork took place in August, launched a new crypto wallet which created accounts for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The wallet shows Bitcoin Cash as the first option which should be more “preferable”. As of the press time on the 7th of May, is still offering Bitcoin Cash as the default cryptocurrency while keeping Bitcoin as a secondary option.

Attempted Lawsuit

The website was seen as clearly being misleading towards all cryptocurrency investors and blatantly promoting Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin. The 27th of April saw a group of Bitcoin supporters create a website. This website was made for the sake of raising the necessary funding that will be required to take to court for the fact that it has been misleading the cryptocurrency users intentionally to buy Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin. The movement was scrapped altogether after a while with the initiator of the movement saying that they have not been able to accumulate the necessary funding in order to make a proper court case against Roger Ver’s All the funds which had been gathered by the website have since been refunded to all those who had made the contributions. CEO Unfazed

In spite of many people calling out the CEO of of blatantly misleading people, it seems that Roger Ver is completely unfazed. He continues to promote Bitcoin Cash as a better cryptocurrency than Bitcoin and as a better store of value. He has even taken to Twitter to express his opinion about Bitcoin Cash being better than Bitcoin. There has yet to be an announcement made from CoinMarketCap about the removal of

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