Tuesday, 04 August 2020

Bitcoin's new surge is driving AMD shares up

In brief: Thanks to its bets on 7nm CPUs and GPUs, as well as a renewed focus on chiplet architectures, AMD looks like a rejuvenated company -- so much so that competitors feel forced to adapt to its impressive momentum. Now it seems Bitcoin's latest surge is making investors even happier as a result, with shares quickly approaching last year's highs.
The company has been taking a Microsoft-like approach of partnering up with others, and while it still has more to do in terms of execution, it’s finally paying off – with everyone from Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung choosing AMD silicon to power their next generation of products and cloud services.

While tech innovations are driving much of AMD’s revival, the latest development has seen the company benefiting from Bitcoin’s recent surge to nearly $13,000 per coin. AMD shares are hovering at around $30 as of writing, which is close to last year’s high, when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were not doing very well.

To put things in perspective, AMD’s stock has risen 62% this year, and while analysts are still cautious about the company’s ability to capitalize on its renewed success in the consumer and datacenter markets, early benchmarks of its Ryzen 5 3600 look are just one of several compelling reasons to be hopeful for the company’s future.

AMD specifically under Dr Lisa Su leadership as CEO and as a fellow designer of silicon herself with many high profile companies over the years (she is truly one of the .001% that make up the top of the tech world)

How many Bill Gates are there, Jeff Bezos, Jim Keller etc? not many huh...EXACTLY.

So very few can design a modern high performance chip (even at the "bare minimum" while having it keep up to or surpass previous generation, every generation etc)
few can run a multi hundred billion $ multi national (total assets, IP etc)..

That is like the top 1% would even be remotely close to having the ability, 1% of these folks who "make it" I.e 99th percentile at the top of the range, of them you are of the top 1% (like a sniper of snipers, teaching how to become even better)

She is VERY EXCELLING from what I ppersonally have read/dug up about her, hard to argue with her "results" over decades, the companies themselves maybe, but supposedly what SHE personally had a hand in has always been as good or beyond expectations

source: techspot.com
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