Monday, 13 July 2020

EOS Power enters new output power class of 600 Watts and higher @Electronica2018

EOS Power, the global power design innovators for highly efficient power solutions based in Mumbai, is launching its new open frame power supply platform with 600 to 1000 Watt output at Electronica 2018 in Munich.
EOS’ new (M)VPS600/1000 "Versatile Power" products live from the experience of the EOS developers in highly efficient, extraordinarily small power supplies combined with optimized cooling solutions.

The VPS 600 plus AC/DC converters are packaged in a standard 5 x 8.5 x 1.6 Inch (1U) profile and can deliver 600 to 1000W output, depending on the configuration. In line with the basic footprint of all of the EOS Power power supply series appearing in recent years, they are highly modifiable and are available in versions for industrial, ICT and medical applications up to Class II /BF.

Maximum versatility is ensured by the broad output spectrum of the EOS (M)VPS, which is achieved by the various cooling modes – convection cooling, convection cooling with internal cooling, or convection cooling with additional ventilator. Along with the capacity for parallel operation of several devices, this allows variable application of the same power supply solution in diverse device groups and sizes of the customer to ensure the optimum procurement and price advantage.

Efficiency rates up to 94 percent, an MTBF over 1.28 million hours as well as power fail signal and easy modifiability in anchors, cable terminals and many other features ensure satisfied users. Dual fusing and thermal shutdown guarantee safety.

The first prototypes for testing by customers can be ordered as of day one of the Electronica trade fair from all EOS global distribution partners as well as the EOS sales personnel.

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