Tuesday, 20 August 2019

In a world increasingly obsessed with the potential of Blockchain (the decentralized technology behind Bitcoin), lawyer and cryptocurrency millionaire Jeffrey Berns has purchased an enormous 67,000-acre plot of the Nevada desert near Reno envisioned as an “experimental community” revolving around the technology.

A new bond has been launched in Switzerland to help investors and blockchain start-ups escape the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Issued by Swiss Crypto Tokens, the bond is a representation of the safe haven currency on the blockchain.

It’s bad enough when gun rights are under assault by activists, courts, and legislatures across the nation. Frankly, we’re used to it. It’s a battle we know how to fight and, as history has shown, it’s a fight we know how to win.

Gone are the days of Kakao and Naver competition in mobile messenger apps - KakaoTalk versus Line. The second round is set to begin - with cryptocurrencies on the back of proprietary blockchain technologies.

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