Saturday, 08 August 2020

On the face of it, Saifu is like any other payment institution.
The company is licensed in the Czech Republic and regulated like any other bank, and it provides all the usual services you’d expect from a bank — checking accounts, money transfers, currency exchanges, MasterCard prepaid cards, online banking, and a mobile app.

In one sense, the rave scene has always been encrypted. In its heyday, when news of illicit parties spread by word of mouth, you just needed to know the right people. But new technologies are adding another layer to this.

DUBAI — A recent survey carried out by UNLOCK online media publication revealed that 67% of those surveyed in the region do not fully understand Blockchain.

Bitcoin has defied financial gravity in 2017 but, in one respect, it’s just like any other investment: Uncle Sam expects a cut of the profits when you sell it. And starting in 2018 it will get a little harder to avoid paying up.

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