Thursday, 20 June 2019

PagareX - The Community Coin - ICO

A highly profitable, global cryptocurrency ecosystem that doesn’t rely on banks or financial institutions. PagareX puts you at the centre of the currency and allows you to invest in it in multiple different ways. Financially independent is what we want you to be with PagareX. ICO - 17.01.2018 (Hard cap 7,000,000)

Start of ICO - 17.01.2018 (Hard cap 7,000,000)

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Cryptocurrencies have already changed the world over the past few years, but here at PagareX, we want to evolve things even more. While it’s true that many cryptocurrencies incorporate blockchain technology, several of them don’t use it to the best of its abilities. However, it’s the PagareX vision that investors have total control over their finances. This is able to occur because it works as part of a peer-to-peer community. Therefore, it’s a totally decentralised cryptocurrency ecosystem. Without banks or financial institutions involving themselves, all PagareX users have financial freedom. This also provides a much safer way of investing. Due to the decentralised system, identity theft and other fiat currency problems aren’t an issue.

PagareX coin holders will be able to make investments with such in a number of different ways, thereby increasing the value of the coins that they hold. These investment opportunities include Mining, Lending, Trading and Staking. The value of all cryptocurrencies is generally something that is determined by numerous factors. This includes supply and demand, perception and of course, factors of the economy. Because of this, PagareX coins and the blockchain market have extensive room to grow in a significant way. The sooner you invest, the lower the price of the coin, and then you’re simply able to watch it rise in value.

To put it simply, PagareX is a self-regulated financial system, which is able to provide multiple investment opportunities and financial independence to investors. This all takes place within the PagareX community, containing peers who are like-minded and able to push the PagareX brand to become the number one cryptocurrency around the world in the upcoming years.

Hard cap - 7,000,000

We accept the following currencies:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin wallet
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
Ethereum (ETH)
Zcash (ZEC)
Monero (XMR)
Litecoin (LTC)
Dash (DASH)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Fiat (wire transfer)

Lending with PagareX
The PagareX Lending program offers you the unique opportunity to „lend“ your PGX Coins to the PagareX Trading bot and Volatility software. The PagareX Trading bot trades various crypto currencies on the markets and generates profits steadily. The profits are split between you and the trading bot. Start the PagareX lending program simply from your Dashboard.

Up to 48% on your investment!


Website Launch and Additional Forum Information.20.12.2017
Website Registration and Affiliate Marketing Begins.26.12.2017
Initial Coin Offering. 02.01.2018
External Exchange Requests. 03.01.2018
Start of Lending Program. 05.01.2018
PGX Mining Pool.06.01.2018
Github Source Code. 06.01.2018
Internal Exchange Launch. 15.01.2018
Internal Exchange Keep Price and Push. 16.01.2018
First 100 Online Shops Accepting PagareX. February 2018
First Global Event. April 2018
PagareX Debit Card Launch. May 2018
ATM Connection. August 2018
The coin is expected to reach a level of $760 in value. 2019

Debit cards are one of life’s conveniences. That’s why we bring forth the PGX debit card too. We want to make your access to your PagareX coins as easy and convenient as a standard debit card. Naturally, this will give you direct access to your PGX coins, allowing you to withdraw them directly from your account in numerous situations.

As with a standard debit card, the PGX debit card is usable via online e-commerce shops, as well as a variety of offline stores too. Therefore, you can use it in just about the same way as your standard everyday debit card. This is one more step towards putting you in complete control of your own finances. Additionally, the exchange from PagareX cryptocurrency into fiat is done in real time. There aren’t any hidden and complicated fees in relation to this. Everything is transparent, allowing you to convert and spend your own funds easily and with minimum fees.

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