Sunday, 25 August 2019

Orocrypt ICO

These tokens represent Common shares in Orocrypt Inc

These are not redeemable for shares—they are shares today. The Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores of Panama has been informed about this share-tokens sale. Like any company common shares, they entitle holders to dividends, rights to vote, and rights to payout in case of acquisition or sale. Orocrypt has a fiduciary duty to token holders.


Orocrypt plans to issue tokenized precious metal, starting with gold in Q3 of 2017. ​Orocrypt will charge a 1% commission fee over gold spot price on all sales of one token or more and a .04 % transfer fee when they are transferred between wallets. Fees for less than one Token will be: 5% for purchases between 0.9 and ½ token and 10% for purchases between ½ and 0.1 Token.

Total supply:

​1,112,000,000 in total. 45% of Class A shares are being offered for sale. 24% are held by the board as Class B shares. 18% are reserved for a future employee incentives pool. 13% are treasury shares reserved for finance, bonuses, compensation for services and rewards.


9 EUR per share, non divisible

Use of funds:

EUR 4.5 million will provide two years of operating capital. Funds not needed for short term expenses will be invested in gold, silver, bitcoins and ether

Large investors:

The two largest investors that each buys over 56,000 shares will have the right to a seat in the Board of Directors

Early investors:

Investors that buy shares during the first week of the ICO offering will receive a discount of 5% of the share price. Those that buy shares during the second week of the offering will receive a discount of 2% of the share price

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