Sunday, 25 August 2019

Creamcoin ICO - Crowdsale recap

Crowdsale recap

As you see in the past 20 days ,Cream TEAM came a long way in promoting and marketing our Crowdsale, before launching the 1st phase of the project ,which is eventually CREAM COIN . Since the begging of it ,social media and marketing tools, multiple independent advertisers are the really great generating power,  bringing  investors to join the project.Lets see little recapitulation on the ongoing activities from the time and technical point of view. 

1.As it  was announced the CREAM Crowdsale ,was launched on the official website, , with all the instructions how to join, how can you can pay for a simple package of 0.1 BTC end join the project.Of course ,CREAM TEAM has brought up very precise definition of the rules and regulations.The reason to join this project is simply explained in the CREAM Whitepaper, supporting crypto  inovative individuals and start ups and their ideas ,who will be members of CREAM LINE.That was just the first few days of the Crowdsale.
2. After the website launching ,immediately our Cream TEAM released the two Android applications ,one for the website and one for chat.In the same time the chat is part of the website. You can download CREAM applications at the following link :
3.Next step in the ongoing CREAM Crowdsale was involvement of the promo and marketing individuals in to our twitter campaign.So we launched CREAM Twitter Camaign which is huge success , 400 + individuals using their own twitter accounts , by tweeting or retweeting for 10CRM per each activity .
4.On 19th of June CREAM TEAM launched the online wallet as preparation for distribution of the coins . Investor or marketer ,can generate CREAM address where will receive his coins in the process of distribution.
5. Today  June 20th CREAM TEAM launched  CREAMcoin Explorer ,ready to roll on July 2nd ,the date when the mining starts so you can follow the transactions and distribution .
These are five steps so far for CREAM ICO , in this moment we need few more investors to be successful and close phase 1. The price for the rest of the Crowdsale will be 300 satoshis per package of 0.1BTC .
With all these work and investment what CREAM TEAM  did so far ,hope that all of you like our CREAM project and you will join and support our upcoming CREAM LINE . 
In the next few days you will see multiple activities from these project , news what will make you think and do your research on  the whole  crypto  world situation and you will come to this conclusion :
CREAM -Crypto Rules Everything Around ME.
Join now - Sincerely,

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