Thursday, 09 July 2020

Harvard’s endowment has bought tokens denoting a stake in dapp platform Blockstack. With two other institutional investors, the Harvard Management Company owns Blockstack tokens worth around $11.5m, reports Bloomberg.

Introducing the Node.js Enterprise Focus Group

The Node.js ecosystem certainly owes much of its growth and success to the contributions of passionate individuals and their daily efforts.

Singapore-based XinFin (XDCE) Hybrid Blockchain have announced a partnership with AiX to use their artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create the world’s first AI powered conversational Bond Broker, named Bondsai, to handle initial Bond offerings as well as secondary market trading.

With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency volumes increasing daily so do the number of fraudulent transactions, due to its anonymity Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the payment of choice for cyber criminals and fraudsters the world over.

Universal Protocol Platform (UPP), a consortium of blockchain companies that aims to make all cryptocurrencies accessible on a single network, is launching a new Euro-backed stablecoin, UPEUR.

The multibillion-dollar distributor of electronic components says it’s accepting Bitcoin payments as it also builds sales of technology products to bitcoin miners.

The “3 month rule” is an investment strategy developed for the more conservative cryptocurrency investor, like myself, to both preserve capital assets and maximize value while investing in cryptocurrency projects.

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